Small Dog Bed And Breakfast

Lake Oswego, OR

It's always nice to know that when you have to take a trip for a while, there is a place that you can take your dog—especially when you have a small dog. When it comes to small dog sitting, you want to take your little friend to a place that you can trust—a place that has your small dog's best interest in mind. It will give you peace of mind knowing that there is a place you can take your dog for small dog sitting when you need to travel.

Helping many families around Lake Oswego, Oregon, Patty's Precious Pets is the place to go to when you want a place that makes your small dog feel like he is at home. At Patty's Precious Pets, we have your small dog's best interests in mind, and we will provide the best care available for you small dog.

At Patty's Precious Pets we provide a small dog bed and breakfast that will make them feel like they are hanging out at a five-star resort. When it comes to your dog, they will feel pampered as they enjoy our services with other small dogs just like them. At our facility, there are no dogs over 30 pounds. Your dogs will feel safe knowing that there are no big dogs around to intimidate them.

We take special care of your dogs as they make themselves at home at our small dog bed and breakfast. We are dedicated to providing your small dog with the best small dog bed and breakfast services around Lake Oswego. We want you to know that whenever the need comes you can rely on us for you small dog sitting needs.

Many families depend on us when they need small dog sitting. If you live around Lake Oswego, take your dog to Patty's Precious Pets.