Small Dog Stay

Tualatin, OR

Are you in desperate need of a dog sitter? Do want to take your dog to a dog boarding facility but you're afraid of being presented with high prices? When it comes to dog boarding many people are scared because they are afraid of leaving their little buddy with someone that they don't really know. Finding a reliable dog sitter at a fair price is hard to come by. If you are Tualatin, Oregon, you are in luck.

In Tualatin, Oregon, Patty's Precious Pets is the place to go to when you need dog boarding services that you can trust at an affordable cost. What makes Patty's Precious Pets unique is that we only take in small dogs. At Patty's Precious Pets, we don't take any dog bigger than 30 pounds. We want your dog to feel comfortable, and we know sometimes the big dogs can intimidate our little friends.

At Patty's Precious Pets we are dedicated to servicing your small dog with the best when it comes to a small dog stay. We want to be the small dog stay where your dog wants to go when you need dog boarding services. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with all the dogs that we serve. While your dog is hanging out at our facility, they can be sure that they will get the finest services from the most skilled professionals. Your dog will feel as if they are being pampered at a doggy spa.

If you are looking for a small dog stay in Tualatin, Oregon, come to Patty's Precious Pets. You can be sure that we will provide a safe place for your dog while you are away. If you have any questions regarding our services, please give us a call. When it comes to a dog stay for small dogs, Patty's Precious Pets is the best.